Making Jewelry Using Fordite

Some of the main materials that Tamra Gentry Design use to make jewelry include the Fordite. Fordite includes the neglected old paints of automobiles. Some garages where motor vehicles are painted look terrible. At the car industries, thousands of cars are assembled each year. Different types of colors are used to paint these cars according to their models and the specifications that the industry wants the vehicle to have before releasing them to the market. Some manufacturers use hand sprays to paint the vehicles, and they do not have paint booths to perform those duties. The paint that falls on the floor forms huge layered piles. After a short period, these paints are hardened because they are left and neglected by the staff members. The layers formed by these hardened paints are excellent. The combination of those different colors creates beautiful patterns that are attractive to everyone.

These hardened old paints are unique treasures for Tamra Gentry Design shop. Tamra has a team of experts who collects these unwanted old paints to make precious ornaments. They can distinguish between the best and high-quality old paints and the damaged ones. The staff members collect the highest quality that is used to make amazing pieces of jewelry.

The first step of making ornaments using old motor vehicle paints at Tamra Gentry Design shop includes washing them to remove the unwanted dust covering these patterns. Then, these hardened materials are arranged according to their quality, sizes, and shapes. These byproducts or pieces are referred to as Fordite or Detroit agate from Detroit automobile companies. They are then cut into some sizes. Proper polishing is also done on these perfect layers of color combinations. At Tamra Gentry Design, crafting process is done by individuals with exceptional skills. They make different types of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and many others. The end products made from the old paints is fantastic.

Moreover, once the vehicles get old, they are abandoned at garages. The vehicles can also be remodeled to make them more functional and compatible with the modern roads. The process includes repainting of these vehicles. Before the repainting process begins, the old and bad-looking paint on them get removed through scrubbing. These unwanted paints make the big cities awful, and they destroy the environment.

Some people do not have any information the amount of damage these byproducts cause to the environment. Most of them are non-organic and hence they do not decompose quickly leading to soil pollution.

At Tamra Gentry Design we care about our surroundings. Tamra takes great advantage of these abandoned old paints because they form a ridiculous color combination that she uses to make jewelry.

Our clients love our products. They continue referring new customers to our shop. Our aim is to create an excellent relationship with our customers driven by trust and integrity. We value them, and that is the reason why we continue making unbeatable pieces of jewelry every year to enhance the proper supply of our products according to their expectations.