Veilig Gokken bij Online Casino’s Financially Supports Tamra Gentry Studio

The 4 different offices of Tamra Gentry Design provides jewelry designers to do their job in the most professional way as possible. With the help of various work spaces, divided over many different areas within each office, the designers are able to create the most beautiful jewelry pieces. However, since the success of Tamra Gentry Design, we are now forced to move to a bigger working space. The combination between the jewelry working space and general office is unfortunately not possible anymore, since the offices are too small when it comes to producing the amount of our latest request. We had to find another working space, such as a warehouse, where we would be able to produce as much jewelry as possible.

The owner of Tamra Gentry Design, Kate Williams, has a long history within the online gambling industry. She previously worked as a freelance graphic designer for a lot of different online casino platforms and she did that with great pleasure. Kate always had the dream to start her own business, creating unique jewelry with the help of unusual objects. After working for more than 10 years as a freelancer, Kate finally resign in order to fulfill her passion and her dreams. Even though her current profession is in another industry, she still has a lot of contact with her earlier network and previous clients. A dear friend of Kate, Tom Janssen, is the CEO of the Dutch company veilig gokken bij Online Casinos, which happens to be a very successful gambling company in the Netherlands. In order to support his good friend Kate, Tom decided to invest in her company by providing financial support.

The investment of Tom Janssen will be delivered as a working and office space. By expanding the current office, Tamra Gentry Studio will be able to produce even more jewelry, resulting in a higher profit. With the help of the profit, Tamra Gentry Studio will be in the position to hire more employees in order to keep the production on going. Veilig Gokken bij Online Casinos is also planning to invest in the materials that Tamra Gentry Studio is using. Currently, they often work with resins but are looking for ways to work with the organic version of this material. Veilig Gokken bij Online Casinos is providing financial support with the help of special and organic trees, which they can grow themselves in their new working space.

With the help of the new office space, including the trees, Tamra Gentry Design can expand their business in a very short time and the employees are really excited about that. Kate always had the dream to run a big business, but never expected it to happen so soon. The delivery date of the new office is still unknown, but we already can promise you that the working spaces will be amazing. They will be delivered with the best jewelry tables, displays and even a workshop area for group workshops at Tamra Gentry Design. This studio will be representing the growth and health of this company and that is something that Kate always dreamed about.